34Learning的在线学习平台以SaaS服务为基础,能够为企业用户提供各种不同需求的平台功能,以确保每一个 企业用户都能够以最小的投入获得量身定做的E-learning功能平台。选择34Learning SaaS平台将给企业带来 诸多便利: 34Learning is based on SaaS model, providing customized E-Learning service to different clients with minimal cost to gain best ROI. With 34Learning platform, we provide convenience and advantages:

  • 按需定购,选择更加自由 On-demand service, flexible and customized
  • 随时随地都可使用,7*24全天候网络服务 Anytime, anywhere, 7*24 non-stop
  • 持续的产品更新升级 Continuous and fast product update
  • 不需要额外增加专业的IT人员,大大降低客户的总体拥有成本 Cost effective solution without additional IT investment

34Learning在线学习平台包含学员以及HR两种用户登录身份。学员用户界面能帮助学员有效学习课程,并巩固所学知识。 HR用户作为管理员,用于发布课程以及各类信息,便于有效的跟踪、统计学员的学习情况。 On 34Learning platform, you can login with two roles: employee(trainee), HR. Employee can take effective courses and additional exercises for various learning purpose, while HR can manage courses, event, and track employees' learning stats as administrator.


  • 线上课程 Online courses
  • 线下课程 Classroom Training


  • 学习计划管理 Learning Planning
  • 活动管理 Event Management
  • 学员管理 Employee Management
  • 消息管理 Message Management


线上课程包含了线上课程视频/课程考试/课件资料下载/课堂笔记等功能,能够有效的帮助学员在自主线上学习的同时,通过笔记、考试以及下载的方法巩固学习成果,也方便学员以及HR查看学习状况。 Online courses includes many useful features, e.g. online video, quiz, material download, and notes etc., which help traineesconsolidate learning archievement, and also help both trainees and HR to review the learning progress.

线下活动包含了公司以及平台方所发布的所有活动,HR用户可发布企业的各种线下活动通知,平台方也会发布公益活动,帮助学员以及HR更好的提升自我竞争力。线下活动还拥有报名功能,可方便HR统计活动报名人数,更好的开展活动。 Public event offers HR to easily create and manage company events through 34Learning platform. Platform will also providesome public events to facilitate all of the platform users to improve core competences and enhance core competitiveness. Userscan register the event through our platform and HR can review the event registration progress with better planning.


学习计划管理可添加、编辑学习计划,学习计划可以对需要学习的课程以及活动进行时间排序,并生成时间表,平台会根据 时间表提示用户每天所需要完成的课程内容。同时,还能管理需要完成学习计划的学员名单、每位学员对于该学习计划的学习进度以及考试成绩,能够有效的帮助HR检验学员的学习动态和统计工作。 Through learning planning, it's vey convenient for HR to create, and editlearning plan with sorting function. System notifications will be sentto users for daily scheduled courses. HR can choose different employees for specific learning plan, and track individual progress according to the quiz result  and overall learning plan progress.

HR can publish company events through event management .
Employee management includes user profile management, department and account management etc..
HR can use message system to send message and notification, including batch messages to all of the employees.

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